You don’t look like a developer …

I have heard this a few times over the years. I don’t look like a developer. Ok, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Why did this even pop up in my brain a few days ago? I have never really cared about this, only a few times thought; «Oh, so what DO I look like?»

I have actually challenged a few to answer this question, but normally the comment leaves me with little to say, other than «Really …».

So how do people see a developer then? We do joke about «utviklerskjorta» («the developer shirt») at work sometimes. When everyone in the team seems to have agreed on what to wear in the morning.

The Build conference was even more extreme. Walking to the conference in the morning, we had an ongoing guessing game. Of all the people walking past, who did we think were participants? Actually not a very hard game.

But even if I had worn a «developer shirt», some high waisted jeans and very sensible shoes, I do believe the people would have said the same thing to me. I don’t believe it is the apparel. The message is, you are a woman … THAT is the reason why you don’t look like a developer.

Does the fact that I am a woman, define what I can be? Does it define my knowledge? I know it doesn’t, do you?