Interaction design highlights

Ane and Diana attended the Interaction 14 conference in Amsterdam last week.  Here are the highlights, with illustrated notes.

Adaptive user experiences

Responsive design is old news. It’s time to make user experiences truly adaptive! Avi Itzkovitch makes us aware of all the possibilities we already have to do so.  If you watch his talk, you might realize that you have more data about the user and the context than you think. Privacy issues aren’t covered. (Picture in top shows notes taken during Itzkovitch’ presentation.)

Designing design projects

Why don’t we design our design projects like we design our digital solutions? James Chudley and Jesmond Alley made changes to their design process based on insights from user interviews with the “users” of their design process, their customers and colleagues. Among other things, they discovered that the reason why some customers won’t be open about their budget is that they think it will make you find ways to spend it all.

fra iPad mini 312 Interaction design highlights

UI efficiency

We already knew that we should aim for easily interpretable UIs, less required user input and quick response time, but we didn’t know just how significant every little millisecond is to the user experience. Giles Colborne talks about how we experience time and how you can systematically analyze the efficiency of your UI in his talk The Lost Art of Efficiency in Interaction Design.

fra iPad mini 309 Interaction design highlights

Experience vs. memory

What is more important: how the user experience actually is or how it is remembered afterwards? Chances are, people will think of your UI in a different way when looking back than they did while actually using it (if they remember it at all, that is). Lucinio Santos talks about how things are experienced versus how they are remembered (video not published yet).

fra iPad mini 331 Interaction design highlights

Pair design

As designers, we tend to fall in love with our ideas, and obsess over tiny details that nobody else will notice. Another designer can be just what you need to kill your not-so-awsome ideas and nurture those that really deserve to be realized.  You will even become e a happier person!  Christopher Noessel from Cooper talks about  pair design and why you need it (video not published yet).

fra iPad mini 327 Interaction design highlights

Quick user insight

Have you ever experienced a project in which you didn’t have the time to involve users, even if you really really wanted to? Ian Fenn suggest a number of things you could do to quickly gain some user insight without actually meeting any users at all.

fra iPad mini 195 Interaction design highlights

Animated storytelling

A picture tells more than a thousand words, but an animation says even more! Why don’t we use more animated storytelling in our designs? Be inspired by this short video by Panop Koonwat, about the 12 rules of animation.